c o r s e t    s p e c s

All Asphyxia Couture corsets are constructed with the following features. All features can be further customised to suit individual requirements or aesthetic desires.


  • High quality strong + durable fabrics suitable for tight-lacing corsets.

  • Wide range of fabrics + colours.

  • Customisable cotton lining for breathability.


  • High quality fusion coated spring steel + spiral steel boning.

  • Available in different widths + strengths + busk colours for further customisation.


  • High quality fusion coated spring steel + stainless steel fixtures.

  • Secure + long-lasting closure.

  • Quick removal.

  • Available in different sizes + styles + finishes for further customisation.

Lacing Bones

  • High quality flexible spring steel fusion coated lacing bones.

  • Holds grommets securely in place within steel.

  • Creates straight back lines.

  • Simplifies even + balanced tight-lacing.

  • Quick simplified corset removal process.


  • High quality 100% polyester flat lacing.

  • Strong + durable lacing with a nice sheen.

  • Ensures smoother lace pulling.

  • Ensures that knots stay tied tightly.

  • Easily undone + minimised tangling.


  • High quality 2-part grommets.

  • Creates a smooth + secure finish.

  • Available in different finishes for further customisation.

Waist Tape

  • Structural support + waistline durability.

  • Minimises stretching over time.


  • High quality 100% heavy grade core spun polyester thread.

  • Hard-wearing stitches.

  • Seam strength + durability.

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