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"Ivy did a fabulous job on our costumes! From first inquiring to the finished product she was professional, great at replying to emails and made the whole process a breeze (even living in separate cities during a pandemic). They fit perfect and she made the measuring easy all via video. They look so sparkly from stage and we always get compliments on them! Will absolutely get future costumes from Ivy! "

Ivy made Peaches & Cream matching pastel blue and pink costumes consisting of a white faux fur trimmed chiffon gown, bra w/ tearaway cups, underbust  corset, garter, g-string and pasties - all covered in 3D lace and rhinestones.




"Ivy has made my dreams come true with the costume she made for me. She immediately latched on to the general ideas and concepts that I gave her and designed the most stunning outfit that I am so happy with. Her skill and attention to detail are incredible and I am so so satisfied. I can't wait to commission her again!"

Ivy made Velma Joan Belle a 1950's inspired mint and lilac drag burlesque outfit consisting of a pillbox hat w/ veil, faux fur shrug, back-filled bra, underbust corset, swing skirt w/ petticoat, male g-string, female g-string, pasties and matching heels - all covered in 3D lace and rhinestones.




"An absolutely flawless creation. From a glance it is breathtakingly luxurious and decadent. And when examined one can see that hidden beneath is expert craftsmanship that ensures a lasting garment. This piece is every bit as regal and rich as I hoped it would be. The fit is a dream, and the attention to detail is impeccable. Ivy's work is worth the investment. Her unique take on classic design is present in every stitch. I'm delighted with my piece and promise you will be too."

Ivy made Dresden Abstruse a midnight blue velvet pointed bra, underbust corset and hooped mermaid skirt covered in jet black 3D lace and rhinestones.




"Ivy is hands down one of the best costumiers I've ever worked with. She doesn't just design and make the garments, she helps to conceptualize how they'll work within an act. She gives innovative and constructive ideas to help create a costume and props that give an act a real wow factor. She has made me a custom showgirl corset in the past, and she created all of the beauty that is my 'Absolem' act costume, which has gone on to win numerous awards, including 'Best Costume'. Right from inquiry to delivered product, Ivy makes sure the client is kept in the loop and 100% happy with all the elements that go into it. I'd highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to invest in a bespoke custom costume."

Ivy made Lilly Loca an Absolem inspired outfit consisting of a overbust corset, mermaid skirt, bra, tearaway knickers, g-string pasties, headdress and a giant faux fur boa.




"When I first approached Ivy about making a Medusa costume, I was delighted to discover that she was just as excited as me. Because it was such a big project with big ideas, I knew that I couldn't just DIY it - it needed to be carefully crafted with an expert. Everything was made so easy, from taking measurements over Skype right up until the fitting. Her ideas and creativity are exceptional and she really excels in all the costumes she makes. I am absolutely over the moon with the finished piece - it has exceeded my own expectations! Plus the snake boa really is the cherry on the cake, he is so popular he may need his own Instagram... Thank you so much for everything. Until the next idea!"

Ivy made Oblivion Westwood a Medusa themed burlesque outfit consisting of a snake headdress, dress w/ off-the-shoulder snake removal trick, snake boa, bra, cage corset, fringe skirt, g-string & pasties with matching gold snake jewelry.




"I approached Ivy with the challenge of creating a Fireproof Corset with tearaways, reveals and a fireproof headpiece. Ivy did an amazing job at coming up with a great design and colour palette. As always, super easy to communicate with and plan everything. This is my favourite outfit and I feel super safe performing with fire in it. Fits great and is super durable."

Ivy made Regina Slay a volcano inspired burlesque outfit consisting of a pointed bust extreme plunge overbust corset, bra, pointed skirt, g-string and headdress - all covered in rhinestone ombre.




"The most stunning costume with outstanding features and attention to details that I've ever owned! This costume could not have been created without the wondrous talents of Ivy. I knew Ivy's talents weere a perfect match for this creation and I can't thank her enough for making my dream a reality. She made my fragmented ideas into a burlesque masterpiece."

Ivy made Kira Titan a textured red burlesque outfit consisting of a bead-drop neck collar, neck fan, strappy harnessed bra w/ epaulettes, underbust corset, hip panniers, g-string and pasties.




"I absolutely LOVE my costume, it is totally a dream come true!  I choreographed an amazing act and knew it needed a quality costume. I gave her my vision and what she created for me far exceeded my vision both in design and quality. The costume really has brought my dream to life and I am so proud to own such a dazzling costume. Ivy is amazing to deal with and so professional and I can't wait to order my next costume with her!"

Ivy made Bijou Belvedere a lavender 3D lace and rhinestone burlesque outfit consisting of a floral headdress, bra, corset,  wrap skirt, gloves, tearaway briefs, g-string and pasties.




"I had been a fan of Ivy’s work long before I asked if she would consider designing my bridal outfit. When I first contacted Ivy, I had no idea of what I wanted, only some vague colour suggestions. She worked with not only what I liked stylistically, but also what suited my personality. The end result was more beautiful and unique that I could have ever imagined. Her attention to detail and commitment to her art is phenomenal. Ivy’s talent and artistic vision made my wedding day extra memorable and I’m forever grateful!"

Ivy made Sally a Peacock blue velvet bridal gown with black beaded Chantilly lace detail + matching cocktail hat.




"It just never stops being amazing with this incredible woman. I have commissioned 5 costumes from her and each one is a work of art. Looking forward to number 6!"

Ivy made Duchess DeBerry a "Galaxy" themed burlesque outfit w/ a UV-reactive cage corset + matching headdress + body harness

Image (2).jpg



"Working with Ivy on this outfit was super exciting and fun. She helped me articulate what I was envisioning in my mind and came up with some fabulous sketches. She was great at helping me with what colour combos look better with each other and super understanding of how Drag outfits work as opposed to a burlesque outfit for a Cis gender woman. I have worn this outfit a lot on stage over the past year and have only had to replace one bra clip. Stones are super durable and everything fit perfectly."

Ivy made Regina Slay a silver and navy burlesque outfit consisting of a gown w/ removable boa ruffle, bra, underbust corset, harness (designed to keep breastplate secure) w/ tearaway fringe skirt, g-string and pasties. - all covered in 3D lace and rhinestones.




"Ivy created the costume of my dreams! We did a measurement taking session via Skype, which was fantastic as she was able to see everything, plus it’s convenient when you live in a different state. Ivy designed and embellished a bra, knickers and corset for me. The corset is truly exquisite. I just adore the transparent mesh! She embellished it with different tones of red rhinestones and beading to create the blood drip and slash effect I was after. I just love looking at the embellishments on the corset, as I can see how much work went into it. I really wanted to use fan lacing, so Ivy added a decorative fan lacing effect to the hips, which is so gorgeous and makes the corset even more special. Wearing the corset is an absolute dream, as it fits my wide hips perfectly and is the perfect length. It gives a fantastic cinch, too! The bra & knicks fit fantastically - feel so nice to have something custom made. Can’t recommend this talented woman highly enough. Asphyxia Couture for president!"

Ivy made Jade a bra, corset and knicker set with rhinestone and bead "blood slash" detail and corset fan lacing detail. 

Image (5).jpg



"I sent Ivy a few reference photos that I found online and she did an amazing job of taking the pieces I wanted from certain photos and combining them all together. She then incorporated a few tearaway pieces for performing and all the tearaways are super easy and trustworthy on stage. Stones are bulletproof. Fits super well. This outfit was completely planned via email and measured via Skype, and Ivy was the best to work with this way. Super thorough and amazing results as always."

Ivy made Regina Slay a white and gold drag outfit consisting of an overbust corset, tearaway fringe skirt, g-string - all covered in rhinestone linework.




"Ivy's brain would make Einstein feel inadequate. She is an absolute genius and can take a rambling idea and turn it into a fabulous costume. I went to Ivy with a concept that I thought would be impossible…turns out, nothing is impossible with her. She created a fabulous corset for me that is incredibly sparkly and beautiful, and not only that, she created the rest of my costume as well. I have never had such a well made, beautifully crafted outfit in my entire performing career. Ivy made sure all the elements worked perfectly together, and that every item complemented the others. The final product was a million times better than my initial idea, and I would recommend this woman to anyone who wants a unique, strong and fabulous costume. I cannot wait to strut this baby on an international stage!"

Ivy made Duchess DeBerry two elaborate burlesque outfits - "Wild Orchid" and "Rain"




"Ivy is the absolute best. She treated me with such respect throughout the whole process and understood how important this costume was to me. I am a lifelong fan now (and client). Ivy gave me a costume and act guidance that actually took me back to the performer I wanted to be when I first started and I cannot thank her enough."

Ivy made Aèrie Elle a red + black chantilly lace burlesque costume w/ floral headdress + faux fur boa + sheer faux fur robe + bra + corset + tearaway panel skirt + g-string + pasties.




"I went to Ivy with quite a vague idea of what I wanted and 1 or 2 reference photos. From that, she created one of the most stunning and professional costumes I own. The consultation process was very collaborative and she worked with my budget to create the best possible costume, offering me various options at different prices for me to make an informed decision. She understands the intricacy of burlesque design and makes the garments to come off in unique ways that I probably wouldn't have even thought of! Throughout the process I really felt like Ivy was as excited as I was about this costume and cared about creating a costume that I would be happy with."

Ivy made Ainslie Adams a blue burlesque outfit w/ overbust corset + peek-a-boo corseted fishtail skirt + suspender skirt + faux fur boa + g-string + pasties.




"I'm collaborating with Asphyxia Couture on my next two costumes and it's an amazing process. I trust her completely to run with my ideas and make them amazing!"

Ivy made Lola the Vamp a "Snow" themed burlesque outfit w/ floral icicle headdress + sheer faux fur lace robe + sheer overbust corset + sheer suspender skirt + g-string + pasties + microphone stand fans.




"Ivy is an absolute dream to work with! I made the right choice investing in Ivy's work for my first custom burlesque costume. Every stage of the process was characterised by ease and professionalism and I will call on Ivy and her creative prowess to continue my collection of snazzy costumes in the future. Her corsetry skills were a highlight! Cleverly shaped, incredibly sturdy and impeccably constructed."

Ivy made Abel Fox a burnt orange + black "Red Fox" themed burlesque costume w/ a tailored jacket + caged bra + underbust corset + tearaway briefs + g-string + faux fur boa/fox tails.

Close up of the scale, bead, sequin and rhinestone detail on the bra and corset I made as



"I can not recommend Asphyxia Couture enough for my dragon costume. Her work is impeccable both inside and out, she worked with me to ensure my vision came to life, everything fitted perfectly, everything arrived on time and she was lovely and easy to work with to ensure my costume was exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend booking in your next costume with her."

Ivy made Night Temptress a "Mother Of Dragons" burlesque costume covered in scale maille, rhinestone and sequin detail.




"I just wanted to personally endorse Asphyxia Couture. Ivy has made two of my costumes and every time the quality is outstanding. She will quietly do repairs as requested and without fuss. A true professional. Please book her for your next Costume or corset. You will not be disappointed."

Ivy made Dolores Daiquiri burnt orange + red burlesque costume w/ rhinestone + fringing detail.




"I was so excited when I got my first custom made corset from Ivy. It was exactly what I wanted and the matching pasties she made to go with it were perfect. I recommend her to anyone who wants their dream costume made."

Ivy made Pandora Cherie a peacock-themed burlesque outfit consisting of a pattern-matched underbust corset, bra w/ removable sculpted cups, g-string and pasties to match.




"Asphyxia Couture does sensational work. Ivy designed and made my stunning 'watermelon' for the Australian Burlesque Festival 2015. She is professional, creative, talented and super nice to work with. I was very impressed by her commitment and pride towards her designs. I highly recommend Asphyxia if you are after quality and a stress free process. I will certainly be working with Ivy again. 5 stars!!"

Ivy made Dolores Daiquiri a watermelon inspired burlesque outfit featuring handmade and hand painted watermelon and floral headdress, pink velvet overdress, a green brocade corset w/ guipure lace and rhinestone detail w/ matching high waisted knickers, a sequin watermelon-cupped bra w/ a matching g-string and pasties.




"Wow this girl is amazing! I had a (very) vague idea of what I wanted to wear on my wedding day but found it hard to put into words. Ivy got into my brain and figured it all out for me! She made the whole process so much fun, was extremely flexible with appointments, kept in constant contact even though we were in opposite ends of the country and catered to my last minute requests and changes like a boss (including making a cravat for the groom-which was also perfect)! I felt fantastic on my wedding day, the corset was so comfortable to wear! I had oodles of great comments about how the outfit was beautiful and "so me". Thank you again for making me feel like a rockstar on our big day Ivy, I couldn't have been happier with how your masterpiece turned out! I highly recommend Asphyxia Couture for any other brides to be out there!"

Ivy made Bryony a bridal overbust corset and skirt with chantilly lace and rose detail.




"Ivy's work is immaculate! I have 3 different outfits made for performing from Ivy now, my black sequin tuxedo costume with corset, bra, tuxedo jacket, undies & gloves (which I have had for over 3 years now and it still looks good as new!), my gorgeous white outfit with bra, corset, panel skirt, gloves and over gown, and my latest addition is a custom pink butterfly corset. I have no concerns with Ivy designing my outfits from afar (I am in Christchurch and she is in Auckland), every outfit has fitted me perfectly. My white outfit won 'Best Costume' at Miss Burlesque NZ 2013, and also 'Best Costume' at the Golden Garters for the New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2013. I highly recommend Ivy and her very talented hands to anyone who is looking for a superior garment that will stand the test of time!"

Ivy has made Bonita three unique burlesque outfits.

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